Dominican Republic Tourism Website (version 3.0)

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Version 3.0 of has won multiple awards, including 2011 Gold + Silver W3 Awards (in the “Government” and “Tourism” categories respectively), and a 2011 Silver Davey Award in “Government”.

In December 2010 we launched version 3.0 0f, the official tourism portal of the Dominican Republic. A global website published in six languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Russian), “GDR” was developed in collaboration with our partners at inTacto, with special emphasis on cross-platform interoperability and open standards.

The site was built using dynamic HTML, CSS, jquery, and ajax (to name a few), with a robust Content Management System (CMS) and no Flash whatsoever (it’s meant to work seamlessly on computers, iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices).

It features an interactive map, an event calendar, and “My Paradise,” a feature that allows users -who can register or log-in using facebook connect- to create their own paradise by adding anything they like as they browse the site, write their own notes, and share their paradise on 200+ platforms.

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