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In 2010, A+S Ideas Studio came to the rescue of a very complicated project and saw it through with us. They have been our digital partner ever since, working primarily on Dominican Republic tourism as well as other new business ventures. Their creative and technical abilities are evident in the many awards we have won together, and the measurable success of our collaborations. But their greatest worth, to us, is simple: our clients love them.”


bvkGonzalo Gonzalez
Managing Director, BVK

A+S’ talents are evident in the award-­‐winning websites they have created in partnership with our advertising agency, BVK, for the Dominican Republic Tourism Ministry. But what I value the most in my experience working with them is their unique ability to interpret and make sense of the diverse needs of a global organization such as ours, and their willingness to go above and beyond for us, time and time again.”


dr-recoEvelyn Paiewonsky
E‐Marketing Director, Dominican Republic Tourism

I highly recommend A+S Ideas to anyone seeking their services. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and creative. They have a fantastic team of professionals and create quality work. Not only are they amazing at what they do, they have amazing hearts and are active in their community and during natural disasters. Hands down, a fantastic organization.″


USHCCKarina Marquez
USHCC, HBE Development Director

A+S, our agency, has been with us since day one. In fact, day ‘minus one,’ as they designed our very first business plan which helped us raise the capital needed to get the brewery off the ground -­‐ and set the tone for our branding very early on. We knew from the onset that in order to be successful anywhere, we needed to be successful in our local community first and foremost. While we’ve had the opportunity to sell our beer throughout the state (and even abroad), we’ve seen such large demand in our local market that we’ve retracted distribution and put a hyperlocal focus in our county, and are looking to double our capacity in the near future. I believe a lot of this has to do with the noise we’ve created and folks relating to our local branding. The local, award-­‐winning branding and marketing our agency has created for us. Good beer + Good branding + Great people = Much success.”


wbco-recoLuis G. Brignoni
Founder & CEO, Wynwood Brewing Co.

A+S Ideas Studio has been our marketing partner since 2011. In addition to creating a website that has been the envy of many fellow law firms, they have given our marketing materials a degree of consistency and quality that has helped us build the Rivero Mestre brand as one that stands out among prospective clients and legal talent.”


RM-recoJorge Mestre
Founding Partner, Rivero Mestre LLP

This firm is going places! I love the way A+S is able to grasp complex, detailed and technical client requirements for my government and large private sector clients and translate them into simple, fresh and practical ideas that work. Just as important is the team’s incredible command of the Spanish and English languages and their willingness and commitment to deliver a superior product on time and within budget. They get an A+ from me as very happy customer!”


Rafael Marrero & CompanyRafael Marrero
CEO, Rafael Marrero & Company

My family’s business has had the pleasure of working with A+S for almost 7 years now. Our business is that of a small farm which hosts weddings, events, television/fashion filming, farm dinners and the like. Through the years, A+S has allowed us to explore opportunities we never thought possible. In giving us a dynamic web presence and visibility on various platforms, we have been fortunate enough to host 63 weddings, 4 film crews, countless private events, been featured in over a dozen magazines, and even made the front page of our city’s paper once. The marriage of their unsurpassed creativity and next generation technology is truly remarkable. While there are many things that set this company apart, it is the very real, tangible heart and soul of its’ founders that truly leaves an indelible mark in all they do. Apart from the business which their products have generated for us, they have also partnered with us on several occasions to give back to the community. Through the years, they have helped us host a diverse array of fund raising and charity events ranging from furthering the development of schools in Central America to ensuring that inner city children are prepared for the school year. It is our opinion that A+S, not only stands at the forefront of originality and applied science but they are also an example of what a modern-day business model should be. Their passion is such that it radiates as a brilliantly faceted jewel in every project they undertake. Their remarkable work ethic and innovative design and are an asset to any company or organization wishing to stand out in our digitally driven world.


Santi Gabino
Estancia Culinaria

Our collaboration with A+S Ideas dates back to 2013 when we hired them with the initial purpose of redesigning our website. The choice couldn’t have been a better one since they still are our agency, the website won multiple awards and their synergic approach has proven to be integral to our online marketing strategies and SEO efforts. Onward, the FCAAC Marketing team.


Francesca Belluomini
Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Care

A+S gave my company an identity of it’s own. I would have never imagine how much business a metal fabrication company would get soley on website visits. We stand out amongst the competition. Andres and Sarima are great people and wonderful to work with. They walk you through each step and make you feel a part of the creative process. I highly recommend them to anyone.


Jennifer Gomez
E=MC4I Inc., CEO

I have known and worked with the creative team at A+S Ideas Studio (Andres & Sarima) for at least 15 years. They are talented, professional and a joy to work with. Their creativity and knowledge of the latest industry technology developments is what makes them bring the best ideas to a project. Always a great experience to deal with them during each step of the process. They listen to your needs and assess the best way to create what will work for me. I would recommend them any time I can.


Maria Elena de la Noval
Mousse in the Booth Productions, Inc.

I’m not surprised by the success this duo have had since starting this partnership and business. They have an incredible capacity to combine form and function and the results are just spectacular.”


Paula Soares
Former work colleague (Zubi Advertising)

You guys are awesome! We were trying to figure out how to surface a lot of complex real estate related data in a simple, intuitive way. We went through multiple designers, but everyone struggled to layer the context as to why the data mattered…except for you!


Xavier Cossard
RE Console, CEO

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