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Estancia Culinaria came to A+S through one of those connections we make in our lives, that last forever and are more valuable than all the money in the world. The Gabino family own an organic avocado farm in the Redlands, 30 minutes away from Miami. But once you cross the wrought-iron gate that welcomes you to Estancia, you feel as if you walked into another dimension.

Calling this place magical doesn’t do it justice. Calling this family kind is an understatement. For A+S, the “work” we’re doing with Estancia Culinaria feels much more like a labor of love, and we’re profoundly grateful for being able to help people like this realize their dreams. That’s what it’s all about for us.

Given the beauty of the place, and the fact that each and every corner tells a story, we created with a great emphasis on the imagery (including full-screen backgrounds that automatically re-size to the user’s screen). The site will continue to evolve, with a full-fledged event booking feature, a blog, as well as story-telling via imagery and short video documentaries. Stay tuned for lots more to come!

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