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WordPress, Illustration, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
BVKmeka is one of A+S’ closest partners, so we were thrilled to have had the opportunity to create their new site. The concept for the site (actually, sites) revolves around the duality of being Latino in the US, as well as the duality of the advertising industry, in which both sides of the brain (creative and rational) co-exist and work closely together to produce amazing + effective work.

A+S created the sites’ design, custom illustration and programming. We also configured the Content Management System to allow BVKmeka to express both sides of their brain through two sites ( and that are fed by the same CMS, thus removing the burden of maintaining two separate websites.

The sites’ main content source is their blogs, as well as disproportionately large Twitter feeds. The “irrational side” also has a few playful aspects that allow visitors to get to know the agency’s people in a different way.

Lastly, A+S integrated BVKmeka’s branded file sharing system via a VIP tab (because clients are VIPs!) has won several accolades, including 2011 Gold W3 and 2011 Silver Davey awards in the “Self-Promotion” category.

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