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WordPress, Custom Plug-in Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
Although we love every single project we work on (really, we do!), this one will always rank very high in the “lovemeter,” mainly because of the degree of passion, energy, and hours we put into creating Bohemian Sound’s new website. From a design perspective, we created something that felt both modern and vintage at the same time, capturing the vision of Bohemian Sound’s founder, Aidita Alamo.

Every single pixel on this website was put in its place purposefully. And from a technical perspective, we gutted one of the best e-commerce platforms in the market (WooCommerce) and turned it into a playlist platform that allows Bohemian Sound’s clients to explore all the voice-over talents they represent, perform detailed searches based on multiple criteria, and create their own playlists which can be saved, shared, etc. We’re very pleased to have worked with the very passionate Aidita and Juan, the dynamic duo that makes things happen at Bohemian Sound.

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